Spring Clothing Wishlist

As a North Dakotan, it’s really a mystery when spring will come. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t wish! These are my top adorable and affordable choices that I am dreaming to wear for spring…

Wish #1: Embroidered Jeans
I am obsessed with these distressed jeans with dainty embroidered floral details! They’re casual, springy, and would go with nearly everything. The biggest plus for these jeans is that they’re pretty affordable too! You can get them at Nordstroms.

Wish #2: Flowy Olive Top
I’m in love with the unique details of this top! Olive isn’t usually considered to be a spring color, but the airiness and cutouts of this top will make it perfect for warmer temperatures. Plus, the bell sleeves are a huge bonus as those have been a major trend this year! Shop this top here at Lulu’s.

Wish #3: Crisp White Blouse
Spring is your official invitation to start wearing white again! I love this simple off-the-shoulder top because it’s so versatile and only $25! I personally would style it with some gold layered jewelry, distressed denim, and a pair of heeled booties. It’s a totally simple and cute look that’s perfect for spring. Shop this top at Nordstrom’s in white as well as four other colors.

Wish #4: Rose Birkenstocks
So, in my opinion, Birkenstocks will never go out of style. They’re super comfy, super practical, and super durable. These rose colored Birks are right up my alley and perfect for transitioning into warmer weather! They are obviously a little more pricey, but like I said, Birkenstocks can take a ton of wear before they’re beat. You can find them at Urban Outfitters.

Wish #5: Floppy Hat
Anyone that knows me knows that my outfit is almost never complete with out a hat! I think this tan floppy hat is perfect for transitioning into spring because it’s light and casual. It would put the cherry on top of any spring ensemble! Find it at Lulu’s.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.56.41 PM.png

Wish #6: Midi Dress
I have been loving midi dresses lately! I actually just purchased an olive mini dress this past weekend for a wedding that I’m going to this summer! I think they’re perfect for spring because they’re a little longer- which is ideal for when it’s not quite warm enough to whip out your rompers or short dresses. I’m in love with the amazing color, pattern, and flow of this midi dress from ASOS. It’s perfect for a casual Saturday if you pair it with sandals or booties, but would also be easy to dress up for a more formal event!

Wish #7: Lace-Up Sandals
The thing I love the most about these sandals is that they would seriously go with just about everything. They could easily add some interest to a more casual outfit or be the perfect finishing touch to a dressier outfit. They’re neutral suede perfection. They’re also availavle in black at Steve MaddenScreen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.29.24 PM.png

…and that’s all for today, folks! These are seven lovely items that you will hopefully be seeing variations of in my spring wardrobe! Is there something you want me to shop for next? Comment your suggestions below!

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