TJ Maxx Takeover Recap

Did you miss my TJ Maxx Instagram story takeover? Well, no worries! I’m here to recap my Maxx 50 challenge.

Basically, TJ Maxx gave me a $50 gift card and I had to pick a theme to shop for. Because I have a party happening at my lake soon, I chose a “lake weekend” theme! With the gift card, I had to find as many cute and useful items as possible for under $50. Which sounds hard, but TJ Maxx’s killer deals make it doable!

For $49.40 at TJ Maxx I was able to purchase the following: img_0073.jpg

  • A flowy gingham tank top for the boat ($9.99)
  • A gray side-tie top for lounging ($12.99
  • A “weekend survival kit” makeup bag for my lake essentials ($5.99)
  • Vitamin C Serum to freshen and hydrate my skin ($6.99)
  • A beach stainless steel water bottle to keep my drinks ice cold ($9.99)

After my Instagram story takeover, I was even able to snap a few shots in one of my new items! Meet one of my new besties, aka this gingham tank:

I had SO much fun doing the TJ Maxx 50 challenge and I appreciate this opportunity so much! Yay for killer deals and shopping days!

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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