Artemis Design Co.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with one of the coolest brands I have ever came across. Seriously.

Its name is Artemis Design Co. and I cannot believe the uniqueness and beauty that their products hold. They specialize in what they call “Flying Carpet Shoes” because their shoes are literally made from Turkish carpets! They’re handmade by artisans in Turkey, which makes them so unique! Intrigued? Check out my pair: IMG_8975.JPG

I got a pair of their Havana Smoking Shoes and I am obsessed with so many things about them. First of all, they’re seriously beautiful. I love vintage rugs and their colors and patterns, so having them on my shoes is amazing! Second, I appreciate a good discussion piece. These shoes are eye-catching and they’re the perfect addition to any plain outfit- it won’t be plain with these babies on! Lastly, they’re one of a kind. There are no other shoes out there just like these, and I love that.

Check out one way that I styled my loafers below:

Want your own? Use code {friendofmaria} for $15 off your purchase!

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

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