Sweater Weather

It is finally chilly on a regular basis here in good ‘ole North Dakota and Minnesota! I love fall fashion, simply because of all the layering opportunities! In the summer, layering isn’t usually an option because of the heat, but it’s fair game in the fall. I am not, however, ready for the “layering” of my puffy winter coat over all of my outfits… No thanks.

One of my first true fall looks includes this wrap-front blush sweater from SheIn. For only $20, I am very impressed with the quality of this sweater! It’s comfy, soft, and warm which is really all you can ask for, am I right? I paired it with a lace bralette, but it really isn’t too low-cut. I wore it once without a bralette, and it looked cute like that as well!

The soft, girly vibe of this sweater made me opt for some edgier accessories to make this outfit fit better with my style. I chose to pair it with blue denim, black leather boots, one of my signature flat-brimmed hats, and lots and lots of gold jewelry.

This look was perfect for bumming around one of my favorite little downtown shops, Mint + Basil, and for sipping some hot chocolate at Young Blood Coffee. The cuteness kills me!

See how I styled this affordable sweater below:

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Sweater: SheIn | Jeans: Sold Out (Similar) | Boots: Qupid | Necklace: Red Dress Boutique | Rings: Lot2029

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

The Bag of My Dreams

Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of the most beautiful brands, Gingerly Witty. This shop is based out of LA, California and it has an amazing selection of unique goods. I have fallen in love with their items, because it seems as though each piece is selected with such intent and thought.

My current favorite item from the shop happens to be the gorgeous Viajero Bag. It is so soft, well-made, and simply perfect to pair with all of my outfits this season. Check out a couple of ways that I styled this bag below (& expect more to come on my Instagram):

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

Metisu Favorites

Recently, I partnered with Metisu to show you some of my favorite pieces from their shop and let me tell you- I’m in love.

The first piece they sent me is this embroidered blouse. It has bold floral embroidery along with a subtle white polka dot pattern and a peplum style bottom… YES to all of that. The best part? It’s only $31.99! I’m obsessed with this top and will be wearing it a lot this fall. For this look, I paired it with button-up dark denim, brown booties, and a clutch. This keeps the focus of the outfit on the top.

Check out how I styled the top below:


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Photos by Zainah Haider |Peplum blouse: Metisu | Jeans: Nordstrom

I also received this off the shoulder dress from Metisu and it’s a dream! Bell sleeves are a huge trend right now, so I really love that element on this dress. This dress demands all of the attention, so I paired it with just a dainty choker and sandals!

Check out one of my favorite dresses below:

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Dress: Metisu | Sunglasses: Raybans | Choker: Nordstrom

Happy trials to you,
Maria Helen

County Fair with Duluth Pack

As y’all know, I love Duluth Pack! Myself and the lovely Elisabeth Eden teamed up with them once again for a fun-filled day at the county fair!

Duluth Pack is near-and-dear to my heart, as it is a local brand. Each pack is handmade in Duluth, Minnesota and I have tons of family there. I love to see local businesses bloom and succeed in the way Duluth Pack has.

For this shoot, we loaded up the cutest Ford Bronco and drove out to a nearby small-town fair. The shoot was filled with giggles, cheese curds, lemonade, and packs galore!

Check out our shoot below and shop our packs at the end of the post:


Shop the bags:

Black leather purse | Army Green Purse | Tan Purse | Boot Bag | Navy Backpack | T-Shirt |

Happy trails to you,

Maria Helen




Off the Beaten Banff Path

As you all probably know, my dad, boyfriend, and me took a hiking trip to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies! We spent four nights in a hotel there and spent the entire trip hiking and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Quick side story: the trip started off a little rough. We boarded a plane in Fargo and were supposed to fly to Denver, CO and board a plane to take us to our destination of Calgary, Alberta. Howeverrrrr- our plane took FOREVER to take off! It kept getting delayed until, all of a sudden, the door of the aircraft opened and we were all told to get off. Our flight was canceled. After reviewing our rebooking options, we realized that it would be much, much quicker to just drive to Canada. We asked for a refund, hopped in the car, and drove 16 hours all night to the park. Ha! It wasn’t perfect (thanks a lot United Airlines) but hey- we did it! (& I’d say it makes a pretty good story)

Okayyyy so anyway- I’m going to give you a day-by-day summary of what we did in the Canadian Rockies! We avoided almost all heavy-tourist attractions, so hopefully you’ll be able to learn and find a new adventure within this blog post. 🙂

Day 1
We drove into the park around noon after driving all night on day 1. Our legs were stiff and we were tired, so we decided to take a short hike to get the trip started. We decided on the trail to Boom Lake. This was about a 6 mile out-and-back trail with very little elevation gain, making it a very quick and fun hike. Although there was nothing particularly interesting or beautiful along the trail (as seen below), the destination of Boom Lake was worth the wait!

Day 2
On day 2, we went for a longer hike. We hiked up to Rockbound Lake on the Rockbound Lake Trail. I’m not going to lie, the first part of this hike was brutal. It was about three miles of pretty steep switchbacks through the woods with nothing great to look at. However, once you got out of the woods *Cue Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods*, this hike was AMAZING.

It was gorgeous in every direction I looked. This trail had wildflowers, creeks, a river, mountains, and it ended with two beautiful mountain lakes. This trail first takes you by a smaller lake called Tower Lake, that is absolutely beautiful and the most perfect shade of blue. Once you get past this lake, there are some really, really steep switchbacks that you’ll need to climb. Once you get to the top of those, TAKE A LEFT!!!! Before you go to Rockbound Lake, there’s a phenomenal lookout over Tower Lake that is a must see (pictured below)! You can get to this by taking a left at the top of the switchbacks onto a little side trail. After that, continue on to Rockbound Lake and enjoy the view. It’s a gorgeous one! I captioned the photos below so that you can differentiate the lakes and see what I’m talking about:

We ended the evening at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. and it was fabulous. It’s very busy there, so make sure to get there ahead of time. They have great specialty flatbread pizzas!

Day 3
Day 3 was our leisure day. My dad HATES touristy things and crowds, but I convinced him that Moraine Lake was a must-see in Banff. We got up really early and were able to make it to the lake around 7:30 am, well before the crowds started piling in. I wore a regular outfit to Moraine Lake (as opposed to my hiking gear) because I wanted some photos. There was really no hiking involved in order to see this lake, so that worked out just fine! This lake was so, so insanely blue. It was simply amazing! We were able to see a couple of different angles of the lake, but then headed out before the buses of tourists started driving in. Peep my Moraine Lake photos here:

After Moraine Lake, we drove up the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park, right on the edge of British Columbia. The Glacier was really interesting, but I wouldn’t consider it to be very “scenic”. We took a few photos here that can be seen below:

After visiting the glacier, we headed to Peyto Lake. Peyto Lake is a fairly touristy destination, but it’s not quite as populated as Lake Louise or Moraine Lake. It’s a really short walk up the lake and the view is phenominal! If you’re looking for something quick and worthwhile when you’re in Banff, this is a great place to go! There were so many people piled on the viewing deck, so we hiked off the deck onto the cliffs. I’m not sure if this is “against the rules”, but we did it anyway and nobody said anything. This gave us a much quieter and more enjoyable view of the lake and we were able to see some super cute critters. See our Peyto Lake adventures below:

After visiting Peyto Lake, we headed to the city of Banff. As we expected, it was SO BUSY! But, that was okay. We ate dinner at Banff Ave. Brewing Co. and it was seriously the best. I saw that they won “Best Fish and Chips” in town so I tried them, and yes- they were delicious. This brewery is where I tried my first Somersby Cider and it is now my absolute favorite. Unfortunately, you can only buy it in Canada so if you’re there, you’ll have to try it!

Day 4
On day 4, we did my favorite hike of the trip. It’s called the Emerald Lake Triangle. This hike was rather challenging, as we ended up hiking nearly 14 miles. It wouldn’t normally be quite this long, but we went a little off trail to see Yoho Lake, which I’m so glad we did. It was a stunning lake and we had it pretty much to ourselves! The hike was totally worth the miles put in. Every time we turned a corner, we were awed by yet another different view of something more amazing than the last. Believe it or not, all of these photos were from the same hike:

The only bummer about the Emerald Lake Triangle is that it ends with FOUR MILES (!!!!!) of steep switchbacks through the woods with seriously no redeeming qualities. The hike in general was definitely worth it, but just be warned- the end of the hike for real sucks.

…& that’s it! We ended day four with some steak and cocktails and went to bed. We got up early the next day and started our treacherous drive back to the good ‘ole ND!

If you have ANY questions at all about my trip to Banff, feel free to reach out! I love talking travel. Thanks for reading, folks!

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

A New Boutique Coming to Fargo!

A new boutique is joining the Fargo boutique family! It’s name is, drumroll please… Kindred People!

First of all, can I just say that I am LOVING this booming Fargo fashion industry! All of these new boutiques are such wonderful additions to our little North Dakotan city.

So, how about a little info on Kindred People? Their first location is in Alexandria, MN and let me say- I have been creeping on them for about a year now and they are amazinggg! I love their style I know you will too, so check out their Instagram.

One of the coolest things about Kindred People is their locally-made jewelry line, Black Sheep Jewelry. This line was created by Kindred People’s store manager, Taylor Gervais. Taylor was always wearing the coolest jewelry and when Kelly (one of the owners of KP) asked her about it, she said she “just made it”… GIRL. That’s some true talent! Pretty soon, this blossomed into Kindred People’s most successful and coveted jewelry line. After having my own Black Sheep Jewelry necklace (as pictured below) I can tell you right now- this is not my last piece. I’m also dying to get my hands on this choker that I found on their site.

Another amazing thing about Kindred People is that they carry Free People in their boutique! While this can be a rather spendy brand, Kindred People strives to keep all of their pieces below $100! The top I am wearing below is from Free People and it is the softest, comfiest shirt ever. I love how the tassels cover any showy cleavage, making it a modest, but sexy option. Oh, and y’all know green is my color. Always.

So, in honor of Kindred People opening in Fargo, we did a little collaborating! Myself, Kindred People, and Elisabeth Eden teamed up to shoot this beautiful Free People top and Black Sheep Jewelry necklace! Dying to know when you can shop at their Fargo location? Stick around, because rumor has it… They may be opening their doors next week 😉

Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s in store for you at Kindred People:

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Top: Free People from Kindred People | Necklace: Black Sheep Jewelry

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen

Summer Vibes with Metisu

Tomorrow, I leave for the trip of a lifetime! Kristian, myself, and my dad are flying out to Banff National Park in Canada and I simply can’t wait.

Before I leave, I wanted to share this beautiful sundress from Metisu with you all. I am loving red this summer, so I was excited to receive this lightweight, flowy red dress. I paired it with sandals and a sunhat, because I really didn’t think it needed much more! Dresses like this one are great for looking effortless and pretty.

If you added heels, this dress would be perfect for a summer wedding. I love things that can be dressed up and dressed down. Much more bang for your buck!

I shot this dress with my lovely friend Elisabeth Eden, who you should definitely check out… She is kind of a photo genius.

Check out my red sundress below:

Dress: Metisu | Photos: Elisabeth Eden

Happy trails to you,
Maria Helen